So what about Streetwear?

Streetwear ClothingStreetwear fashion is distinctive. It’s a dynamic blend of sporty, hip-hop and even haute couture elements.

Australian streetwear clothing – as you see today – has undergone a style evolution through the passage of time. From a grassroots movement, it has entered the mainstream conscious and seeped into our lifestyle.

Streetwear designers are constantly imagining new creative directions for apparel. High-end designers are being inspired by street aesthetic. The quest is to keep pace with the modern consumers’ evolving lifestyle, expectations of fashion, and trends emerging from streetwear hotspots such as Seoul, Tokyo, Melbourne, Perth, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Vancouver and Moscow.

At its heart though, streetwear is about being casual and comfortable. It’s not fussy but chic. It can be retro, classic or vintage but not in the way your dad or mum used to dress back in the days. It can be crafted from cotton, spandex or polyester or use innovative fabric/material as seen in high-performance running shoes.

Streetwear is already an important part of your wardrobe. West Brothers satisfies your need for quality streetwear and the latest styles. Enjoy good value for your money while staying current with trendy fashion or securing you wardrobe with timeless Australian streetwear clothing.

Content Source So what about Streetwear?

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